Kicks so good, they're out of this world!

Hey Crew, Welcome to our cosmos.

We're a new Australian-owned and run business. A family of fashion experts, design creatives, artists, and musicians. Basically, we love to create things.

Cozmic Kicks is about fun fashion, individuality and self-expression. Your shoes can make or break an outfit, They're a way to subtly tell the world who you are, your favourite colours, interests and style.

Through the birth of Cozmic Kicks, we opted to take the made-on-demand route for our business. Yeah, that's right, every pair of shoes is made by hand per order.

Why is this so amazing? This option is far more ECO-friendly as we have no excess stock. Many popular fashion brands destroy "out of fashion" stock contributing to landfills. Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, and that's not cool.

Our average manufacturing and delivery time is approximately 3 weeks, sometimes a lil less, sometimes a lil more. But, we always work as fast as possible. We feel this is a far more ECO-friendly system.

We also have the ability to offer an endless range of designs and make them all available in every size. That's right! If you're a guy and want our Love Heart Pink And Black High Tops, they come in men's sizes.

We're always here to chat or answer a question so feel free to shoot us a DM.

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Kicks So Good, They're Out Of This World!
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